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Technical Certificates

What are Technical Certificates?
A Technical Certificate is a qualification, which provides you with extensive knowledge in your chosen area of study. It is a key component of the Apprenticeship programme and is designed in order to provide a clear understanding of the world of work. Training for the qualification is normally delivered in the work place or at college. Important issues are covered including, for example, the various types of organisations and their structures, rights and responsibilities, data protection and human resources.

Technical Certificates are issued to persons who have completed a specialised course of study that is related to specific vocational skills. A Technical Certificate is proof that the individual has been exposed to information that is vital to the performance of tasks associated with certain professions or jobs, and has assimilated that information to the satisfaction of the institution that issued the certificates. The benefits of having a Technical Certificate are somewhat like those of holding a college degree. The Technical Certificate is helpful in demonstrating to prospective employers or clients that the individual does possess a certified working knowledge of matters that are directly connected to the tasks involved in the specific job or career path.

Technical Certificates focus on the knowledge and understanding which underpins the NVQ competencies and additional knowledge to facilitate progression to higher education or higher levels of working. They are a structured approach to teaching and assessment, including external assessment, and are capable of being delivered full-time at college or on the work placement

Examples of Technical Certificates
This aspect of the Apprenticeship framework was introduced to ensure that the theoretical knowledge required is clearly demonstrated. Technical Certificate content can vary greatly depending on the selected Apprenticeship framework and the knowledge that is most relevant to the apprentice.

Examples of the options are below:
  • Business & Administration Apprenticeship:
    • Level 2 Certificate in Business and Administration (Organisations and People).
    • Level 2 Award in Administration.
    • Level 2 Certificate for IT Users (CLAIT Plus).
    • Level 2 Certificate in Business and Administration.
  • Retail Apprenticeship
    • Certificate in Retailing - Level 2.
    • Certificate in Retail Operations - Level 2.
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