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Why choose: A Bricklaying Apprenticeship

Why choose: A Bricklaying Apprenticeship

What is Bricklaying?

A bricklayer or ‘Mason’ is a craftsman who lays bricks to construct brickwork. Bricklaying is a construction job takes place on sites across the country. You can expect to work on drainage, cavity walling, solid walling, concreting, plastering, general maintenance work and brickwork.

Potential Careers
  • Bricklayer
  • Craftsman
  • Journeyman
  • Master Craftsman
What skills do you need?
To be good at working in Bricklaying you need to want to work in construction and have an eye for detail. You need to be willing to work in adverse weather conditions because work on the whole will be based outside. To progress in the field you will need to show willingness to learn the trade and be responsible.

Why should you take a Bricklaying Apprenticeship?
You should think about taking a Bricklaying Apprenticeship because learning a trade can really help you progress your understanding of a trade and learn practical skills as well as give you great career progression opportunities.

Progression Opportunities
A Bricklayer typically begins as an Apprentice, working for and learning from a Master Craftsman, and after a number of years can be released to become a Journeyman. After a Journeyman has proven themself to their trade's guild they can become a Master Craftsman and work for themself, eventually taking on their own apprentices.

Did you know?
Winston Churchill was so adept at bricklaying that he joined the Guild of Bricklayers before becoming Prime Minister.

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