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Get Recruiters to Open your CV

Get Recruiters to Open your CV Not sure recruiters are even opening your CV's. Not got a reply from an application in a while or constantly getting impersonal responses. Pathway group is here to help.

Make it polite (with good spelling, grammar, punctuation & layout)

There is nothing more off putting then getting an e-mail that doesn't look like the person has taken care over writing it. Make sure that all spelling, grammar, punctuation and phrasing is correct. Get someone who you know is good at this to read over it and make the appropriate changes.
Also make sure that it is formatted correctly so that it is easy to read and looks professional.

Keep it short & catchy

You need your e-mail to be memorable but not for the wrong reasons. Make sure that you limited the text to a short introduction of yourself and an explanation of why you are interested in the job. If you have any specialist skills that you know that the employer would be interested in make sure that you note them here but don't go into too much detail. Then they will be intrigued and have to open your CV to find out more.
Also, don't chat inappropriately. Remember that this is a job and you are talking to an employer, not a friend so make sure that you are polite and use the correct formal format.

Leave a link to your LinkedIn and/or blog.

This will make it easy for the employer to look more in-depth at your work and get them interested in you. If they are impressed by what they see then they are more likely to want to find out more about you and explore your CV.
Note: If you are going to do this make sure that whatever you are sharing has up-to-date and relevant information that you are constantly updating.

If you know them or have a contact, use this!

If you in some-way know the person that you are contacting, maybe you met them at an event, they have brought business from you before or you were referred by someone to contact them about the job opening make sure that you mention this. This will form a connection with them that is more personal than an e-mail. Having good contacts will also mean that people will trust you because they trust that person.

Highlight that your CV is attached (& attach it!).

Make sure that you point out that your CV is attached and then make sure that it is. It is easy to forget to add an attachment which may be the real reason people aren't opening your CV so make sure that you don't make this mistake at any cost!

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